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We’ve all been there. You just got home from a 12 hour shift, you kick off your shoes, and get ready to start cooking dinner. But first, you pour yourself a glass of wine. Suddenly life isn’t so bad. I’m a big believer in taking a moment for yourself after a hectic day and sometimes that moment includes wine. And sure, I could drink it out of a generic wine glasses that I have floating around but fun and funny wine glasses are so much better at helping me get over my day.

Funny wine glasses makes bad days better. Here are some of the best wine glasses to make you laugh as you drown your sorrows.

A couple years ago, I started collecting oddball wine glasses for myself but eventually that evolved to buying them for others. I mean, I already have over 20 wine glasses and at some point you need to say enough is enough! I needed to share the wealth so I started buying them to gift instead!

Wine glasses make great gifts for women because 1) most women like wine; 2) you can personalize it for a specific person; 3) when you gift it, you can fill it with something you know the person will like; and 4) they usually cost under $15. With each wine glass, I gave some ideas on what to fill them with to make the gift even more special! 

Best Funny Wine Glasses

It’s Not Really Drinking Alone If The Dog Is Home

This is one of the first wine glasses I gifted away and since then, I’ve given it twice more. Pretty much any dog lover will get a kick out of it and once I even paired it with a bottle of wine for the human and filled the glass with dog biscuits for the furry pal. So cute.

There are also ones for cat lovers

I’m Not Slurring My Words, I’m Speaking In Cursive

Fun for the friend who is a total grammar nerd or English major. I haven’t bought this one (yet) but I would probably fill it with confetti and a fun pair of dangly earrings. I don’t know why I correlate slurring words with dangly earring but I just do. All the same, I think they’d go well together and would make a fun gift!

Don’t Ask, Bad Day, Good Day

I like this one because it exactly mirrors how I unwind after a lousy day. As I said above, I like to have a glass of wine as I distance myself from the day and get started with cooking dinner. Usually on those kinds of days, I walk in the house in a terrible mood and take a few to center myself. Generally by that point, I’ve made my way through half a glass or so and am feeling much more relaxed and content. I’m not saying it’s all the wine, or even mostly the wine, but I can’t say it doesn’t help.

I would pair this wine glass with a set of cute wine glass charms or even a nice wine stopper.

I’m Doing Just Wine

I love this one for the more quirky and bold ladies out there. It’s got the bright colors and funky fonts and you can drink wine out of it too. Boom. And since it’s under ten dollars, you can easily pair it with something cute to make it even more fun! Depending on the friend, I’d pair it with something like silly socks, a framed picture of the two of you (maybe even drinking wine) or a gift card to a favorite store.

Pour And Sip As Needed – Prescription Wine Glass

This would be perfect for anyone in the medical field. Although it also comes with a wine guide and charm, I think it’d be fun to fill it with some sort of candy that looks like medicine. Good N Plenty, M&M’s or even unrolled Smarties would work well!

I Do Yoga – Just Kidding, I Drink Wine In Yoga Pants

I actually got this wine glass for my future MIL and she loved it! Considering that leggings or yoga pants are more popular than jeans right now, the odds are in your favor that you have a friend that would love this wine glass. I would gift this glass full of pretty chocolates like maybe these Dark Chocolate Truffles or these Candy Cane Chocolates.

Not All Girls Are Made of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice . . .

I’m Made of Sarcasm, Wine, and Everything Fine. Who wouldn’t love this wine glass? It’s hilarious and it rhymes. Especially for our more sarcastic friends! I would pair this wine glass with mini lipglosses and nail polishes or maybe even a little manicure set. Easy, fun gift!



Bubble Therapy

I have one that says Bubble Therapy myself because one of my favorite ways to relax is to take a glass of wine, a book and maybe some cheese and crackers into the bath with me. I sit there and read and sip and snack and sip and read. I get out wrinkled but completely stress free! If I was giving it to another, I would fill it with mini bath bombs to really complete the set!

This wine glass is stemless, which from personal experience, is better for the bathtub anyway.

Final Thoughts:

I’m a big fan of not going crazy with the gift budget, especially at a time like Christmas where I have so many gifts to give. I love finding inexpensive gifts but giving it that special touch to give it a little extra oomph. I can’t give specific prices for each of these glasses because I’m not in control of the prices and they may change. However, as of now, each of them ranged from $8 to $16 dollars. These funny wine glasses (and dozens more) are so fun and don’t break the bank! If these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, just run a search on Amazon. I’ve probably spent hours looking at them all and I’m sure I could spend hours more!

Oh, and just in case you are worried about buying such breakable gifts online (I know I was), in all the dozens of wine glasses I’ve bought online, not one has ever arrived broken. I don’t know how they do it because I have received much less delicate purchases in pieces but somehow, it has always been just fine.

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Affordable and fun gifts for your wine drinking friends. Who can resist a wine glass that makes you laugh?


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