Monthly Extra Income Report – November

December 18, 2016 | By Brittany | 2 Comments

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In general, one of our main financial goals right now is to find ways to bring side income into our household. Unfortunately, right now is smack dab in the middle of very important papers and finals season. You may have noticed I am not posting nearly as much. If you have, it’s not because I have fallen out of love with blogging. (Gasp! Never!) Oh no, it’s simply because I have a ton of things due and my internship went insane AND I just started a new job.

Good Grief.

Because of all the extra stress and work, I did almost nothing in November to reach my goal of earning side money. Ack! Luckily, I had enough balls in the air set up beforehand that I still managed to earn (or win, see below) an extra $211 this month. Some of it was just luck but hey, I’m not complaining.

Side income report for November - Side hustles are great but sometimes I just don't have time for them. This month shows how I still bring in extra cash even when I'm slammed for time.

November 2016 –

Swagbucks – $25.00 Walmart gift card.

I go into more detail with Swagbucks here, but it’s a relatively easy way to earn 25 bucks each month with only a few minutes a day. This month I did very little but still had excess Swagbuck points from a large purchase from Walmart and Swagbuck’s cash back option. It worked out for me this month because I got to convert it to a $25 dollar Walmart gift card with virtually no work.

WebMD Feedback Panel – $10.00 CVS gift card.

This panel appears to be invite only but if it helps, I was invited merely for being on their site at the right time. A request for a survey opened up and after I completed it, I was invited to join. This is probably my favorite side hustle even though there are not a ton of offers. I earn approximately a dollar for every 3 to 5 minutes I am on their site and it’s usually pretty fun. All I have to do is answer a few questions once or twice a week. Easy!

Secret – $80.00 check.

I wish I could explain this side hustle but I have signed a confidentiality agreement not to talk about it for two years. Eventually I will be able to come back and explain this entry but I can’t today. I can say that at this point, any “work” I need to do for it is pretty much on autopilot now and I rarely have to think about it at all. This month, I ended up getting a $50 dollar bonus on top of what I usually get just for continuing with it! Whoooo.  

BevRAGE – $3.00 Paypal

reviewed this app here but this is pretty much my favorite rebate app. It works a lot like Ibotta except it is only for alcoholic beverages, both in stores or in a bar or restaurant and it pays instantly to Paypal. No minimum and there are daily “happy hour specials” that often matches specials at your local bar or restaurant. I usually get a little more than this back but well . . . finals. I’m not hitting happy hour very often right now. 😛 

UserTesting – $5.00 Paypal

I didn’t actually do anything with this site this month. I just haven’t had the time. Luckily, the one time I tried to do a test, the website glitched and they sent me $5 even though I was unable to complete the test. $5 for 45 seconds of work is not bad!

Credit Card Reward – $45.00 Check

I have a credit card that I use to buy gas and a couple other things each month. Even though I pay it off each month, I still earn cash back on all my purchases and this month happened to be check month. Yay!

Miscellaneous – $50.00 gift card

This one was fun but not exactly extra income. I won a raffle and ended up with a 50 dollar gift card to one of my favorite restaurants! I’m saving it for our after finals celebration but I am seriously VERY excited about this!

Balanced Frugality – $6.00

My website is still pretty new so I’m hardly rolling in dough but this is the second month in a row that I’ve earned anything so I find it overwhelmingly exciting! Hey, six dollars is six dollars right?

Total Earned – $224.00

Blog Expenses –

Since I started earning a bit of cash off of this website last month, I decided to add my expenses to these reports. It helps me keep track of it all and who knows, it may help someone thinking about starting a blog.

Giveaway – $25.00

Last month I talked about trying a giveaway to try and gain new readers. It hadn’t kicked off yet so I didn’t have the results yet. Well, I can tell you that the $15 dollars I paid last month truly exceeded my expectations! I ended up with almost 500 new pinterest followers! Because it was such a success, I signed up for another one! Keep an eye out for a chance to win $400!

Because I paid for my hosting on a yearly basis, instead of a monthly basis, these are all the expenses for this blog this month. Basically, I just tried to promote my site and let people know it is here!

Total Earned – Total Spent = $199.00

Final Thoughts:

No, I didn’t have very much time (er, or any) to spend of side income this month but I still managed to bring in our grocery money! Not too shabby. December is looking like it’ll be about the same or less because I’ll be in the Cayman Islands over Christmas and into the new year. However, even a small amount each month helps us keep our budget on track and keeps me from crying when I need to pay our bills.

2 comments on “Monthly Extra Income Report – November”

    Bee | Better than busy

    A well deserved holiday coming your way! I was just feeling a little blue 🙁 about the lack of income on my blog, so its reassuring for me to see that you aren’t making a million bucks from your blog and we started around the same time (after all – that’s what a lot of the hype says right!!). Is it bad that a tiny part of me was relieved that you didn’t have your first 5 figure month? ;P Keep it up awesome lady – you must be so exhausted from the working, blogging, studying – enjoy your downtime!


      The hype lies! Hahaha. All the same, I’ll take my 6 dollars and I’ll be happy with it because hey, it’s 6 dollars I didn’t have before right? (mind you, this month is looking like it’ll be a big fat $0.00 so don’t base your success off me. I obviously am not the newbie blogger of the year.)

      And thanks for the well wishes, I haven’t found downtime yet but I keep hoping! As excited as I am about the Cayman’s, I am taking a tax course there almost every day I am there. So we’ll see how relaxing it ends up being. (And yes, I realize that I’m a little insane and that I really need to take you lovely advice you write about to heart. I’m just not there yet. Sigh)

      Enjoy the holidays!


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