Groupon Coupons – Another “Lazy” Way To Save Money

February 28, 2017 | By Brittany | 0 Comments

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Groupon Coupons are another easy way to save money and they have deals for EVERYTHING!

For all that I love saving money, we all know I’m not going to spend all day just to save a buck. That’s why I only do Swagbucks when it’s worth my time and why I don’t extreme coupon by going to 12 grocery stores each week. Heck, there is a reason the word “balanced” was included in my website’s name. I will put in exactly the amount of time I need to save money but no more.

Along with all my other tricks I’ve shared on this website, I also love to use Groupon Coupons. I mean, is there an easier way to shop than to shop online? Nope, pretty sure not. And Groupon allows me to save money too? I am so all over that.

If you haven’t actually used Groupon before, it is basically a site that offers you deals on anything from the local restaurant down the road, to a cruise, to 50% off your favorite clothing store. Businesses use Groupon to get more customers and we use it to save money. The sheer number of deals or coupons can be slightly overwhelming at first but once you get used to it, it is a ton of fun.

For me, I’ve found that the best way to save money with Groupon is not to look at the website unless I am already planning on buying something. Otherwise they suck me in and an hour later I come up for breath with no memory of the two shipping labels in my email. Instead, I wait until I am planning a date night or looking for the perfect present for my sister. Then I hop onto their website and see what I can find.

And in case you’re worried, unlike some sites, it’s not all discount goods OR all high end, out of my price range goods. There is a good balance. Going back to a present for my sister (can you tell her birthday is coming up?) I hopped on Groupon and found a 50 dollar off coupon if you spend 100 that will make me look like the best sister ever. And I spent exactly what I budgeted for her birthday. If I hadn’t used Groupon, I wouldn’t have spent more but the present wouldn’t have been as nice either.

There are Groupon coupons for pretty much everything under the sun. Clothing stores, Target, Pet stores,  discount airplane tickets. If you want it, you can probably find it on Groupon.

I have even used Groupon Coupons on a newspaper subscription.  I then used those newspapers to get paper coupons to save even more money! If that’s not maximizing your savings, I don’t know what is.

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