How to Earn Gift Cards By Grocery Shopping

September 20, 2017 | By Brittany | 0 Comments

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I’ve written about Ibotta, Checkout 51, Bevrage and other similar programs but there’s a new grocery shopping app that I’m just as excited about. It’s called Fetch Rewards and the premise is one of the simplest ones I’ve found yet. I am not getting paid to write this post but I use a TON of these apps. This one wins hands down for being the easiest. It’s not perfect but I love that it doesn’t make you jump through any extra hoops to save and it doesn’t a lot of time to use. I hate having to spend ages just to save a few dollars.

There's another app that earns you cash back by grocery shopping. And it's even easier than Ibotta!

How It Works:

Instead of having to scroll through offers like with Ibotta or Checkout 51, with Fetch Rewards, all you need to do is scan your receipt into the app from your phone. The app figures out whether you bought any of the offers or brands and does the rest from there. Instead of earning cash back, you earn points and every 1,000 points equals $1. You can earn points from buying specific items, specific brands or bonus points just for using the app. Right now, if you buy a Taco Bell salsa, you’d earn 500 points (which equals $.50) or 750 points ($.75) for buying kraft cheese. Not a bad deal assuming you were planning on buying those things anyway. It has offers on everything from food, to beer and wine, to body washes or deodorants. All in all, it gives you the same return as Ibotta or Checkout 51 with half the work!

Once you’ve earned a few offers, you can exchange your Fetch Reward points for a gift card. They start at $3 and go up to $50 and there are literally hundreds of different gift cards to chose from. I saw everything from Sephora to Amazon to Dominoes. You can even get Visa gift cards to spend anywhere. Some of the gift cards can only be used in store while others can only be used online. Many can be used on either. It’s not quite as convenient as cashing out Ibotta to Paypal but the money spends just as easily.

How To Sign Up:

Saving Money with the Fetch Rewards AppSigning up for Fetch Rewards is easy. All you need to do is download the app through your app store or go to to download. Once you have the app downloaded, they ask you a few questions such as name and state and have you set up a password. At the end they ask you for a referral code. If you use my referral code WQ4EJ, Fetch will give you 1,500 points ($1.50) once you scan your first receipt and they’ll give me the same. If you don’t want to copy and paste, that’s fine too. We just won’t get the bonus. I didn’t sign up with a bonus and I’ve still saved money with this app.

                   Use the code WQ4EJ to earn an extra $1.50. 


Nothing is perfect and neither is the Fetch Rewards app. Although I love how I do not need to scroll through all the offers to click which ones I bought, the app sometimes misses an item I bought. When that happens, you need to manually correct it in order to get the points. It usually credits all of them but since every once in awhile it does not, it means I need to check my receipt and account everytime I upload a receipt. Sure, it’s not the biggest problem to have and it’s still easier than my other apps, but it is annoying. Hopefully they’ll continue to upgrade the program so this doesn’t happen anymore. Until then, I’ll still continue to double check for errors.

Share your thoughts:

What’s your favorite grocery store app that saves you money? Bevrage was my absolute favorite until the offers started to dry up this summer. Sigh. Fetch Rewards probably just edged it out by a hair. What do you think?


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