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Balanced Frugality is a website dedicated to saving money and getting out of debt with a focus on saving time. I can’t think of anything more annoying than spending over an hour of my precious time to save only a single dollar and I imagine you can’t either. Yet half the advice out there encourages that very thing! I like to write about ways to save money while at the same time, minimizing the effort needed. Some call it lazy, I call it working smart.

My Story –

I started this website after my finances sunk as low as they could go. Shortly after selling my house and moving across the country for grad school, event after event started popping up to steal all my money and stress me out. Family emergencies, personal health problems, one major surgery and job loss. All while I was a full time student and an unpaid intern.

By the time life settled back down to normal, all my credit cards were maxed out and my student loans were sky high. When things got bad, instead of mitigating the damage, I made the situation worse by trying to ignore it all. Guess what? In the history of the entire world, someone ignoring their finances has never ever helped!

Something had to give and so I started making small changes and figuring out what worked for me and more importantly, what didn’t work. I went from hating to think about money (because I felt I had none) to loving to find new ways to save (even though I actually make less than before.) Obviously it helped get my spending under control but I also found out how much fun it is! While I can’t say my finances are in order yet, I am constantly improving on it and finding new ways to make it work for me.

You’re at the right spot if you:

  • Know you need to spend less money but you don’t know how.
  • Are tired of investing hours of your time to only save or earn a few pennies.
  • Are tired of falling for yet another get rich quick scheme.
  • Don’t want to fill out yet another survey for a measly 10 cents.

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Who I am –

About me

I love talking to people so please feel free to email me or connect on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest if you have any questions or comments.